Easy Installation Wizerd

You can use it for ONE DOMAIN only!

  • Modify Or Customization is allowed.
  • One purchase key for one website only.
  • Can't use it for multiple domain
  • Can't use one purchase key for multiple customers
  • Must activate the website within 30 days of installation

Server Requirements

  • PHPRequired PHP version 7.1.3 or higher
  • opensslRequired OPENSSL PHP Extension
  • pdoRequired PDO PHP Extension
  • mbstringRequired MBSTRING PHP Extension
  • tokenizerRequired TOKENIZER PHP Extension
  • JSONRequired JSON PHP Extension
  • cURLRequired CURL PHP Extension
  • XMLRequired XML PHP Extension
  • fileinfoRequired FILEINFO PHP Extension
  • env Required .env to be writable
  • Database Required database.sql available

Folder Permissions

Your Installation is completed Successfully!

Website link : http://gtfbank.com
Admin link : http://gtfbank.com/admin
Admin ID :


Admin Password :